Monetise Your Time on Social Media

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Reinventing Short-Video Social Media

Think TikTok on Blockchain

GoBazzinga is a short-video social media platform on blockchain, which not only provides the fun and excitement of social media but also enables the users to earn rewards for creating content, engaging with it or sharing it with their friends and family!


Earn Rewards


Create Short Videos and earn GoBazzinga Coins


Upvote or Share the Videos and earn GoBazzinga Coins


Speculate on videos by other creators and earn GoBazzinga Coins


Our Story

Striving towards making Social Media a more Equitable Ecosystem

Starting off as a solution to help creators monetize, GoBazzinga soon evolve into a platform working towards enabling monetization for all types of social media users, creators and lurkers alike.

Integrating Social Media and Fantasy League - like Speculation Platform, GoBazzinga provides a more exciting and advantageous ecosystem for social media users.

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Introducing Gob-Gob

GoBazzinga's NFT Collection

Earn Gob-Gobs and unlock tremendous value within the GoBazzinga ecosystem

Internet Computer

GoBazzinga runs on Internet Computer (IC), developed by Dfinity Foundation. The IC is a revolutionary project working on decentralizing the entire internet, while providing a seamless environment for Web 2.0 users to transition to Web 3.0.

Integration of Wallet with Internet Identity

Eliminates the need for separate wallet integration by the users

Reverse Gas Fee Model

Enables the users to explore the DApp without incurring any costs, lowering barriers to entry

Runs at Web Speed in a Cost effective manner

Maintains the user experience while making it feasible to host and run DApps vis-à-vis other chains


Roadmap - The Way Ahead

PHASE 1 & 2

(Q2 - Q4 2021)

Conceptualization and Market Validation

Company Incorporation and Pre-Seed Fundraising

Development of DApp on Internet Computer

Whitepaper Documentation

Community Building on Social Media (Twitter and Discord)


(Q2 - Q3 2022)

Improvement of User Journey and Experience

Enhance Scalability using Multi-Canister Architecture

Content Indexing for Search and Recommendation Tool

Decentralized Moderation via user-assistance

Launch of GoBazzinga NFT Collection


(Q1 2022)

Launch of GoBazzinga DApp on Internet Computer

Introduction of Tokens linked to Internet Identity

Release of Documentation

Initial User Acquisition

Community Building and Partnerships with other projects in IC Ecosystem


(Q4 2022 and Beyond)

Development of Speculation Platform

Token Listing on DEX (IDO)

Interop with ICP and other tokens

Development of Native Mobile Apps

Development and Integration of NFT Minting


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